Are you a company or organization and do you believe in the potential of collective intelligence to create social value?

With ideaTRE60 you can create your own call for ideas dedicated to social innovation and implement a new and concrete Corporate Social Responsibility!

Fondazione Italiana Accenture provides the digital platform TRET60 and its know-how to design and develop competitions for personalized ideas, to companies and organizations, in search of innovative planning for their social responsibility policies.

You will have:

  • the experience of designing and managing a Foundation that has been dealing with innovation for years
  • an intuitive and cutting-edge digital technology
  • graphics and features created ad hoc on your image
  • a competent, reactive and passionate community, interested in issues of social innovation
  • a network of partners and relationships in continuous evolution.

Watch the video and find out how to create your own competition on ideaTRE60!

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Many realities of the institutional and academic world, of the business community and of the non-profit have already successfully created call for ideas on ideaTRE60: