ideaTRE60, the place where ideas happen


Who we are?

ideaTRE60 is the digital platform, created by Fondazione Italiana Accenture, which allows you to transform your ideas into concrete projects of social innovation.
We are a technological, participatory and networking reality that promotes and realizes digital social innovation for the benefit of the community.

What we do?

We put in contact those who have ideas of social innovation with those who have resources to invest for common progress.
Here young talents, industry experts, organizations and companies, have the opportunity to propose their ideas, share them and optimize them to turn them into concrete projects through the tool of competitions for ideas.
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How do we do it?

Proposing and promoting our competitions and those of organizations and companies that wish to use this tool to implement a new and concrete Corporate Social Responsibility.
ideaTRE60 is a place to find the best digital social innovation projects and, at the same time, a pool of potential and innovations that are just waiting to be captured by companies and organizations.


Whom are we addressing?

We give voice to anyone who has good ideas on digital social innovation and is looking for those economic resources and the know-how needed to transform them into business projects.
But not only: we also turn to all those companies and organizations in search of innovative planning in terms of sustainability and social development in order to implement a new and concrete Corporate Social Responsibility, offering them the opportunity to design, customize and develop call for ideas.


How do you participate in call for ideas?

Joining is easy. Find the competition for ideas that suits you, register on the platform, fill out the application form with the information and documents required, send your project idea and you're done.
After a careful analysis of consistency with the rules of the competition, your proposal will be examined by expert who will first select the finalist ideas and then proclaim the winning project.


And the winner is…

If you are among the lucky winners of the ideas competition, you will win one of the prizes up for grabs and you will have the chance to carry out your project. The prizes are cash prizes, training, incubation / acceleration and support in the realization of your project.

Are you a company or an organization? Find out how to design a personalized call for ideas!

Fondazione Italiana Accenture

Fondazione Italiana Accenture's mission is to transfer technologies, skills and experiences from the profit world to the non-profit world to facilitate the development of conceptual and digital enabling platforms in the field of digital social innovation and sustainable economic development.

Our areas of thought:

  • Convergence Profit - Non Profit in favor of Digital Social Innovation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) envisaged by the United Nations 2030 Agenda
  • Circular Economy, new models of social and economic growth to respond to some of our country's challenges
  • Youth and Employability to improve the training of young people in line with labor market opportunities.

Our DNA:

  • role of influencer, spreading the best knowledge on digital social innovation with focus on strategic issues for our country
  • networking skills, creating networks with organizations and companies to systemize ideas, resources and skills to the benefit of the non-profit sector
  • orientation towards "doing", supporting the realization of concrete projects that can be scaled and replicated to create sustainable employment
  • digital approach, promoting technologies and, through our digital platform ideaTRE60, enabling the meeting between those who have good ideas and those who have the resources to carry them out.

The Foundation works by working in synergy with the Accenture Corporate Citizenship program, "Skills to Succeed", which aims to provide, by 2020, at least 3 million people in the world with useful skills to find a job or to become entrepreneurs.