Want to organize a crowdsourcing initiative?
Want to plan and launch a competition or a call for ideas to gather socially useful projects that address a specific topic? On Ideatre60, you can personalize it to the max and use our digital technology to manage it. The Advantages?
  • Rapid development time (from ideation through launch, up to evaluation and final selection)
  • Simple, light-touch management
  • Quality results
  • User-friendly, mobile web interface
ideatre60 provides an efficiently structured, traceable solution for crowdsourcing initiatives.
ideatre60 can channel the benefit of years of experience by Fondazione Italiana Accenture in the Third Sector to help you implement your initiative in a way that matches your thinking – and optimizes your chances of reaching your target
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The dedicated Crowdfunding section enables fundraising drives to allow the best social projects to source financing and grow.
The e-Learning section provides high added-value digital training paths on a range of social and economic topics, digital marketing, social innovation, and more, which can be paired with competitions, enriched with external content and accessed by the entire community.