Software as a service

ideatre60 is a proprietary technology platform that Fondazione Italiana Accenture launched in 2010 to incubate and develop crowdsourcing and digital training initiatives.

All Ideatre60 functionalities are available for use by third parties on a SaaS (Software as a Service) basis.

End-to-end crowdsourcing initiatives, crowdfunding campaigns or digital training programs that allow maximum freedom to personalize, configure and manage autonomously can be set up on Ideatre60 in just a few days.

All Ideatre60 functionalities are multilingual (OPPURE “are available in English and Italian”) and can be used on mobile devices.

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ideatre60 has helped us save time and energy, reduce our operational risks and greatly simplify the work of our organizational team and our Jury. Having Fondazione Italiana Accenture as our technology partner helped our reputation shine brighter.
Lorenzo Dilena